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Cred Issues

FF12: WPD criminal cases dismissed due to credibility issues

State and federal attorneys refused to prosecute more than 30 criminal cases because key witnesses, Wichita Police officers, had credibility issues. Those officers had Brady/Giglio status.

Emails reveal Kansans' voting habits

A new group is sending Kansans an email apparently trying to get them to vote by showing them who in their neighborhood has a history of voting in elections. But would that get you to vote? And is the email even legal? Those are just some of the questions Factfinder 12 asked.

UPDATE: Rose Hill athlete investigation complete

UPDATE: A criminal investigation against four Rose Hill High School athletes is now in the hands of the county attorney.

greg orman commercial

FF 12: Super PAC attacks Greg Orman

The latest super PAC commercial accuses Independent candidate Greg Orman of supporting amnesty.

FF12: Anti-Davis strip club ad fact check

A recent political action committee ad, paid for by the Republican Governor's Association, compares a legislative vote to Democratic candidate Paul Davis' trip to a strip club.

FF12: Davis education fact check part 2

Schools help keep small towns alive, teachers encourage their kids to strive, and those students have the ability to someday help our state thrive. That's why both candidates for Governor know education means a lot to voters.

FF12: Paul Davis education ad fact check

Education has been the centerpiece of the Governor's race but education funding can be very confusing. Here's a breakdown of the first claim in Democratic candidate Paul Davis' most recent ad.

City makes speed limit changes after FF12 investigation

The city ordinance states 37th street has to be marked at 40 miles per hour.
Because it was a mistake on the city's part, it will now dismiss all citations and refund money.

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FF12: Paul Davis strip club ad

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