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FF12: Water Scam

FactFinder 12 is warning residents about a new scam. Police say an individual is pretending to be a City of Wichita employee, and is asking residents for money.

DaVinci Crib recall expands

Around 6,000 Davinci brand cribs are being recalled because a bracket can break. That can create an uneven sleeping surface or gap in the crib and a child can get either trapped or fall.

FF12: Neighbors furious over trash pile

Neighbors in a west Wichita neighborhood say they feel helpless.

Nelson Mosley

FF12: Acting WPD Chief defends domestic violence case against him

Eyewitness News first broke the story last week with exclusive information about Mosley's case and how it's been hidden away in a confidential file. After we filed open records requests, and started asking questions, the City of Wichita launched an internal review. FF12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook reports.

Convicted rapist back in jail

Update: Cash Ward is now back in custody.

FF12: Opening WPD's confidential file

A campaign to be more open with the public. A commitment to the community. Around this time last year, acting Wichita Police Chief Nelson Mosley told the public, "At the end of the day that's what we want, more transparency."

Those words would prove to be ironic.

FactFinder 12 recently obtained a domestic violence incident report from 2005. In it, a victim told police her ex-boyfriend pushed,…

Phone scam targeting Liberal water customers

Scammers are targeting water customers in Liberal.

FF12: Paraplegic man seeks answers after state questions ability to drive

It may take him a little longer to get ready, but Newton resident Ron Hoffman gets around town like most people.

(img1)wsu crime

FF12: Wichita State police to increase nighttime patrols despite crime stats

Students at Wichita State will soon see more police officers on campus at night.

911 dispatcher sends firefighters to wrong address

Several areas across the state saw a lot of lightning Monday night. One homeowner in Wichita thought lightning hit his home.

FF12: FAA and pilot report close call with drone

Eyewitness News has found information from the Federal Aviation Administration that states a drone and a plane almost collided and spoke exclusively with the pilot, Gage Ciervo.

city of wichita

FF12: City of Wichita lawsuit payouts

FactFinder 12 looked at the exact numbers and how much money the city is paying out for situations involving the Wichita Police Department. Investigator Lauren Seabrook reports.

Don't Fall For It

Card cracking scam targets college students

A new scam targeted at young adults, especially college students on social media, could land you in serious debt. 

Don't Fall For It

Scammers use online ads

The next time you're in a hurry to search online for Visa or Master Card's phone number, take a moment to make sure you're not falling into a trap.  The Better Business Bureau wants you to be aware of a scam. 

Federal food assistance hotline hacked

A warning for those using the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The Kansas Department for Children and Families says impostors using what appears to be the federal SNAP toll-free information hotline (800-221-5689) to solicit private information from people.

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FF12: Neighbors furious over trash pile

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