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Registered sex offender will continue to deliver mail despite complaints

We're beginning to get a better idea of the United States Postal Service's stance and policy when it comes to hiring and employing registered sex offenders.

KTA warns against email scam claiming drivers have unpaid tolls

Officials with the Kansas Turnpike Authority are cautioning drivers about a new email phishing scam going around that claims drivers have unpaid tolls.

FF12: Williams mayor race ad fact-check

The campaign for Wichita Mayoral candidate Sam Williams recently started running an ad that makes claims against candidate Jeff Longwell.

flash of light on state line

FF12: Flashes of light on KS-OK state line

Thousands of drivers leave Kansas and enter Oklahoma at more than 70 mph, but even at that speed cameras catch a glimpse of you in a flash. Lauren Seabrook reports.


FF12 Investigators: Football helmet ratings

High school football season wraps up another year and more attention than ever is being placed on concussions and ways to prevent them.

Listeria CNN


FF12: Tracking Listeria from person to product

After five people got sick from eating something contaminated by Listeria, scientists went to work tracing each person back to the product. Lauren Seabrook reports.

Randall Dunn

Wrongfully accused man spends 3 days in jail

Imagine being wrongfully accused of something you know you didn't do and no one will believe you. That's what happened to a Wichita man and Wichita Police admit they made a mistake. Lauren Seabrook reports.

Viewers worried about toxic floors ask: What now?

We told you about the CBS 60 Minutes investigation that found high levels of formaldehyde in wood laminate floors made in China and sold by Lumber Liquidators.

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Fact check on Sam Williams ad against Jeff Longwell

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