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Police say gun law change leads to more gun crimes

More guns on the streets and more gun crimes. That's what Wichita Police say they've seen in the last few months. FF12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook has been working through the number of reports.

FactFinder 12: Consignment dress shop or scam?

The perfect wedding dress is not only hard to find, it's often one of the biggest wedding expenses. That's why more women are turning to consignment stores to sell and buy wedding dresses. 

Don't Fall For It

Don't Fall For It: Scam targets your Facebook page

A viewer recently contacted FactFinder 12, wanting us to warn you about a scam that she encountered on her Facebook page. 

Crayon testing

Locally bought box of crayons tests positive for asbestos

After national consumer tests revealed asbestos in boxes of crayons around the country, FactFinder 12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook tested locally bought brands to make sure your kids are safe.

Fort Hays State students targeted by scammers

Students at Fort Hays State University say they're being targeted by scammers who claim to be with the IRS.

(img1)Governor Brownback talks about school funding

Brownback interview on schools

Expect to see more of Governor Sam Brownback in coming months as he turns his attention to education in Kansas.

FF12: Wichita shooting suspects all on parole

After a tip regarding recent shooting suspects all being on parole and issues in supervising parolees, FactFinder 12 investigated.

Online grocery scam

An offer you may have seen on Facebook claims to let you save $200 when you spend $220 or more at Kroger stores, including Dillons, which is owned and operated by Kroger. 

blue green algae

KDHE says fish caught in algae bloom lakes are safe

Fish caught inside lakes contaminated with algae blooms are safe to eat, only if they're cleaned and eaten properly, according to health officials.

Missing baby Vincent's father speaks from jail

Gary Moore thinks his son is alive, but he's worried about him. Five-month-old Vincent Moore disappeared 26 days ago. FF12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook speaks exclusively with Moore from jail.

Why are fish dying at the Lincoln Street Dam?

What's causing a fish kill along the Arkansas River and what's being done to prevent it in the future?

KTA aims to regain drivers' confidence in safety

The Kansas Turnpike Authority says a lot of drivers have been asking what's going to be done to help reduce the chances of water over the road. FactFinder 12 has been asking, too. FF12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook reports.

Craigslist home rent scam

A teen trying to move to Salina is out $1,000 after falling for a scam on Craigslist. The 18-year-old from Landon was planning a move to Salina and found a home for rent on Craigslist.

Governor Brownback two shot with Lauren Seabrook

EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Brownback talks about $60M in cuts

While the Governor played a big role in choosing who would lose the money, he wasn't around for the announcement. FF12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook found him in Wichita and spoke with him exclusively.

Former Twin Peaks employees say they were working illegally

Five days after federal agents raided the east Twin Peaks location, former workers are speaking exclusively to FactFinder 12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook about what happened.

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FactFinder 12: Consignment shop or scam?

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