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B-52 sponsors

FF12: B-52 sponsors pull out after money problems

The B-52's indoor soccer season ended a few months ago, but there's a much different game affecting those involved. The game many say owner Joey Pindell's been playing with almost everyone he owes money to.

Viewer question: Why are taxpayers paying for lawmaker overtime?

Here at KWCH, you email us and rely on us to get answers to your questions.

Alex Moseley

FF12: Passion trumps profit for B-52 soccer players

FactFinder 12 uncovered a huge financial problem with the B-52's. The organization owes thousands of dollars to its staff, vendors, and the men putting their heart into every game. Lauren Seabrook explains.

B-52 financial problems

FF12: B-52 soccer team not paying players, staff, vendors

Indoor soccer came back to Wichita two years ago, but its future could be in jeopardy. The B-52 have big financial problems. Lauren Seabrook explains.

PARROT-fa-NALIA crime stats fsg

FF12: PARROT-fa-NALIA criminal history

After this weekend's deadly shooting, neighbors told us they were surprised someone hasn't been killed at PARROT-fa-NALIA before. They claim police are constantly called there for problems. Lauren Seabrook reports for FF12.

FF12: Rotten Reviews, how far is too far?

Imagine you're planning to eat out and just before you get online and see a photo of a dead rodent at the bottom of a take home container. The post says it's from the same restaurant you were headed to.


Don't Fall For It: Mother's Day E-Card Scam

Mother's Day is Sunday, and that means many of you will be getting cards from your children.  But FactFinder 12 doesn't wan you to fall for a Mother's Day scam.

Viewers worried about toxic floors ask: What now?

We told you about the CBS 60 Minutes investigation that found high levels of formaldehyde in wood laminate floors made in China and sold by Lumber Liquidators.

Mold found in elementary school, district working to fix problem

There are two weeks left in the school year and students have summer in their sights.

Could mouthguards change the game of football?

The Jayhawks are the first Kansas school to try them.

Threats made at Wichita's schools

Charges are filed against five Hutchinson teens accused of making threats against their school.  We wanted to know how often schools deal with threats and how many times someone is actually held responsible.  Our Factfinder 12 Investigative team compiled data from Wichita Public Schools between January of 2010 through half of the year of 2014.  In that time, 114 threats were made.  Of those, 59…

Vaccination Exemption: By The Numbers

Schools provide the safest environment for your children, but that environment also exposes them to germs. "In a lot of the classrooms they have community boxes of crayons, pencils, ink pens, scissors, and office supplies," said Kathy Hubka, Health Services Coordinator, Wichita Public Schools. "So the children are touching all of those."

Vaccination Exemption: Parents' perspective

Parents make decisions every day to keep their little ones happy and healthy, but sometimes things can happen that moms and dads can't control.

Survey: Facebook favorite among teens

A new study from the Pew Research Center shows 71% of teens use more than one social media website.

gas leak warning signs

Propane safety

When it comes to heating your home with propane it's up to you to make sure your tank functions properly and safely.

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FF12: B-52 soccer team not paying players, staff, vendors

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