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Western Kansas house fire, Kent Grier (KGFI, Inc.)

FF12: Hidden Hazard

While lightning itself can be destructive to homes, investigators across the country are looking at flexible gas tubing found in millions of homes that could be a major factor in lightning-caused fires. 

Super Bowl ticket scam traced to Kansas

Denver police say a Kansan is using the offer of Super Bowl tickets to scam people out of thousands of dollars.

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Westar warns of imposter phone calls

Westar Energy is warning customers to be mindful of imposters them and threatening to disconnect service.

Don't Fall For It: Scammers pretend to be health insurance agents

Scammers are trying to use your health insurance to take your money. 

Newton woman catches scam before she loses $3,000

A Newton woman is lucky she asked questions about a recent job offer, because if she didn't, she'd be out nearly $3,000.

FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

Kansas Department of Revenue warns of tax scam

Don't Fall For It: The Kansas Department of Revenue says it's received reports of a tax scam targeting Kansans.

Man sues over broken collarbone, medical neglect in jail

Dash-cam video recorded a police chase through Harvey County two years ago. Now, the suspect driving the truck says he's suing the officers and using the video against them. He says the officers broke his collarbone, then left him in jail for two weeks without medical care.

Huelskamp's office spends more on mass mail than all other KS congress members combined

Political brochures, sent to hundreds of thousands of homes across 63 counties in Kansas' first congressional district - all paid for by taxpayer funds.

(img1)mystery boom

Source of loud boom remains unanswered

A loud 'boom' heard in south Wichita Saturday still has a lot of people talking, four days later. The question as to what caused the sound remains. 

FactFinder 12: Helmet Safety

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FF12: Hidden Hazard

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