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rape cases on campus

FF 12: Rape reports on college campuses soar

More pressure than ever is being put on Kansas colleges and universities to keep students safe and be more transparent when it comes to sexual assaults reporting.

Sedgwick County says some vaccines may not be effective

FF12: Students opting out of vaccines

For most people, it's been several generations since anyone in their family had the measles, mumps, or whooping cough. "So fewer and fewer people remember what these devastating illnesses look like," said Dr. Amy Seery, Via Christi Pediatrician. "They tend to write them off as just a normal, routine thing everyone should go through in childhood, not realizing the death, destruction, devastation…

FF12: Protecting infants from disease

Having a baby comes with a lot of worry for parents. Especially the thought of germs getting to their newborn. "It scares me," said new mom Bailey McCoy. "I don't let a lot of people hold her and if they do I make them wash their hands."

People, businesses still complaining about Augusta water

Over the last several days you've been complaining about the water in Augusta. About six weeks ago Factfinder 12 did a story on the water smelling and tasting bad.


New details about Brownback's campaign finances

Federal investigation continues into the loans he took from his running mate and himself

Little girl gets sick from pet turtle, family warns others

Joni Parcell spotted something at the Valley Center Fall Festival she thought would be perfect for her granddaughter. She never thought it could make the three-year-old sick.

scam alert

Elaborate scam targets Wichita couple

If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That's one piece of advice worth following after Wichita Police say a couple fell victim to an elaborate scam.

wrong officer ID'd

KS Exposed identifies wrong officer

Kansas Exposed writer Mike Shatz sent a photo of an officer he thought pulled the trigger in last weekend's officer-involved-shooting to John Paul Quintero's family. Shatz says the family confirmed the person in the photo was the officer who shot Quintero. They were wrong.

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How many students opt out of vaccines?

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