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Water faucet

Ferre' Dollar/CNN

FF12: Why does Augusta's water taste bad?

Eyewitness News received a complaint about the water in Augusta. A Facebook fan posted a message on our wall Tuesday evening saying the water 'stinks and taste horrible.'

Concussion test

FF12 Investigators: Sensor technology the answer to concussions?

A top researcher in the field of helmet safety compares sensor technology to the “Wild West” but also says it could change sports in the near future.


FF12 Investigators: Football helmet ratings

High school football season wraps up another year and more attention than ever is being placed on concussions and ways to prevent them.

Maize FBI

FF12: When does the FBI get involved?

It could be some time before we learn more details on why the FBI searched the Maize School District offices.

FF12: Wichita vets share second battle with VA

In the moment, they realized a past shared experience had carried over to the present. "Here we are both now 42 years later, still fighting," said Borofsky. "Only this time we're fighting an entity of our government just to help us out."

FF12: Former WPD officer not cleared in 2012 fatal shooting

Just five months after former Wichita Police Officer Randy Williamson shot and killed 24-year-old Troy Lanning, he falsely reported a crime and caused criminal damage to property. Because the false report caused concern for his credibility, Wichita Police flagged Williamson with Brady/Giglio status.

Cred Issues

FF12: WPD criminal cases dismissed due to credibility issues

State and federal attorneys refused to prosecute more than 30 criminal cases because key witnesses, Wichita Police officers, had credibility issues. Those officers had Brady/Giglio status.

Emails reveal Kansans' voting habits

A new group is sending Kansans an email apparently trying to get them to vote by showing them who in their neighborhood has a history of voting in elections. But would that get you to vote? And is the email even legal? Those are just some of the questions Factfinder 12 asked.

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FF12: Paul Davis strip club ad

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