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westar meter

Wichita couple afraid Westar Energy digital meters are harmful

After a north west Wichita woman received a letter, claiming Westar Energy's smart meters are harmful she contacted us to see if it was legitimate. Akeam Ashford reports

Man wonders where police are after call to 911

When you put a call into 911 you expect a quick response but one man was upset Tuesday night because he says police never followed through.

Drs. office scam

FactFinder 12: Doctor Scam

Like she often does, Vanessa Green answered her mother’s phone.

Maize police advise parents to be aware of new app popular with teens

Our Fact Finder 12 team has an alert for parents about a new app your children may be downloading on their phones. 

Registered sex offender will continue to deliver mail despite complaints

We're beginning to get a better idea of the United States Postal Service's stance and policy when it comes to hiring and employing registered sex offenders.

Bill Warren makes website against Sam Williams

Bill Warren calls Sam Williams a 'liar' on website

Warren launched a website, samgate.com, with information he says proves Willilams' dishonesty. FactFinder 12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook reports.

KTA warns against email scam claiming drivers have unpaid tolls

Officials with the Kansas Turnpike Authority are cautioning drivers about a new email phishing scam going around that claims drivers have unpaid tolls.

FF12: Williams mayor race ad fact-check

The campaign for Wichita Mayoral candidate Sam Williams recently started running an ad that makes claims against candidate Jeff Longwell.

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Scammers pose as doctor's office

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