They remodeled the kitchen and dining area, replaced much of the furniture and did some major landscaping among other things.  Two hundred volunteers from Asbury Church gave this house on 21st near Oliver a major makeover.

"Our mission statement is the transformation of the whole person through the love and power of Jesus Christ," Pastor Gordon McClure says.  "We felt like meeting somebody's real tangible needs was a way to help toward transformation, and just transforming her living environment."

The church collected money for materials through several special offerings in recent months.  The home belongs to Maxine Billingsley.  She's a former school counselor who attends a different church, but was nominated by an Asbury member who knew she was a busy community volunteer with a house that had fallen into disrepair.

The church put Billingsley up in a hotel for the weekend.  Then at 5 p.m. on Sunday, she arrived to check out her new diggs.

"I am absolutely at a loss for words," Billingsley says.  "It is just fantabulous!"

In fact, Billingsley was so happy she broke out in song, regaling the crowd with one of her favorite hymns.

The church called this effort "The Nehemiah project."  Nehemiah was on Old Testament prophet who was bothered that the Jerusalem walls were broken down.  He received permission from the king and rebuilt them in 52 days.  Click here to read more about Nehemiah.