Our theme this month has been Fall Festival Celebration with pumpkins. Our residents enjoyed making pumpkins out of cans, oatmeal containers, water and pop bottles. We also made kid
scarecrows and have been busy decorating the entryway and the halls. We also enjoyed making pumpkin name tags for everyone including staff.

To carry on with the pumpkin theme of the month, we visited Panera Bread on Oliver and purchased some pumpkin muffins. We then took a drive around the eastern part of Wichita to see the growth.

A whole month of games was enjoyed by the residents and students from St. Thomas School. These games included a pumpkin and ghost race with tennis balls and straws, a candy corn toss, and we also experienced a mad scientist laboratory.Oct.19 the residents dressed the students from St. Thomas up as mummies. The winning team included Pat Hansen, Eula Conradt, Margaret Nespor and our student, Lexi.