Cotton Wood Point retirement community in Augusta, Kansas offers all the ammenities you would expect for their senior residents. They have beautiful grounds around a lake, cozy independent living rooms, health care and social groups. One thing you wouldn't expect is their cats, Cotton and Woody, that have become the mascots of sorts for the community.

The two kittens were abandoned at the front entrance of Cotton Wood Point one night in November. They were terrified of people, so the residents put out water and Cheerios for them since they couldn't catch them. The next morning, a cardboard box with soft towels was put out for the kittens' shelter. The residents continued to put out cereal and water for them.

Eventually, the kittens started getting used to the residents. They were named Cotton and Woody, and became community-wide pets. The kittens spend their days outside keeping rabbits and rodents away from the gardens. At night they sleep in one of the residents' apartments.

Cotton and Woody give the residents of Cotton Wood Point something fun to look forward to every day. Who doesn't love watching kittens? If you've been looking for a retirement community with a little some more, check out Cotton Wood Point at



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