McNay and Voth ADHD Services - Diagnosing, Caring and Coaching to help manage ADHD.

McNay & Voth facilitates persons with ADHD to set goals for improvement, live to their potential, and to succeed at school or the work place.

McNay & Voth supports parents and significant others of persons with ADHD by helping them understand the disorder and how to live with it.

McNay & Voth assists persons with ADHD as they improve their behaviors associated with ADHD symptoms such as disorganization; time management; productivity both academically and at work; in relationships; and with finances.

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    McNay & Voth offering online course "A Mother's ADHD Survival Guide"

    ADHD Coaching Specialists McNay and Voth have released an online course package called "A Mother's ADHD Survival Guide," a tool for parents with children struggling with ADHD.

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  • A coach for ADHD? There's just one in Wichita

    A man comes home from work every day to find his house a messy wreck. His wife has been on the couch all day watching television. She feels guilty, she’s disgusted with herself, and she’s unsure how to get her act together.

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  • Women and ADHD: Coaching by McNay & Voth

    Women all over the country are affected by ADHD- whether it’s a personal struggle, or one with which a loved one has been diagnosed. The professionals at McNay & Voth Coaching Services specialize in helping woman in Wichita deal with the everyday struggles associated with ADHD. They have techniques and strategies to help mothers parent their children with ADHD, wives support spouses with ADHD,…

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