Forty-six employees with three years or more of service were honored at the Annual Service Awards Reception Oct. 13, part of Via Christi Celebration 2011. Everyone enjoyed an ice cream
dessert bar. Mark Mains, CEO, thanked the employees for their dedication to the residents and each was presented a VCH polo shirt with “Committed to Caring” embroidered on the sleeve.

Those honored and their years of service are:
16 years - Luz Trujillo
11 years - Linda Barton, Angela Stanton, Mark Wolf, Mickey Beavers
10 years - Kristina Wilson, Anton Hajanto
9 years - Diane Bennett, Chris Cathey, Perry Evenson, Martha Perea, Susanne Daniels
7 years - Polycarp Mochama, Dusty Shelite, Joan Maddox, Zahra Pourmirza
6 years - Brenda Dold
5 years - Masresha Wodajo, John Gregory, Kyle Stilwell, Samantha Seymour, Greg Machado,  Lillian Guthrie
4 years - Rosemary Kisanko, Florence Baker, Melinda Beavers, Melodie Stickney, Jeanette  Sims, Melissa Gracey, Mary Stevens
3 years - Ana Jimenez, Sarah Storment, Gayla Large, Kelie Ramirez, Megan Stroud, Maria Oyongo, Mirna Garcia, George Johnson, Jessica McDonald, Kelsey Berube, Catherine Macharia, Carmen Moss, Rhonda Hoefgen, Dorothy Terhune, Anna Mtawali, David Lutembeka

As Director of Nutrition Services, Dusty Shelite said when asked why she would recommend Via Christi Village on McLean, just this year we are honoring 46 employees who have been with us three years or more and that speaks volumes.