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School of Rock in Wichita can offer your kids a Christmas present like none they’ve ever received before- the gift of Rock. School of Rock offers classes for any skill level, from very-beginner-never-picked-up-an-instrument-before to advanced students looking to show off their skills on stage. School of Rock approaches teaching music differently- students at get one-on-one sessions with instructors, as well as group band sessions with other students of the same skill level. “We bust through their fears of getting on stage,” explains School of Rock General Manager Jason Ramsey. “Their fear of each other and the fear of what might happen if they let themselves shine.”

School of Rock Wichita has instructors to teach drums, guitar, bass, vocals and keyboards. The next semester of classes at start on February 2- perfect timing for a Christmas gift.

To get started, your kid needs to have their own instrument. If they don’t have one yet, don’t worry. School of Rock Studio Coordinator Clay Vernon gave us a list of quality instruments you can get without breaking the bank:

  • For beginner guitar players, Vernon recommends a Laguna LE50 short-scale guitar. It’s a slightly smaller guitar, perfect for small beginner hands. You can pick one of them up for about $100. Of course, what’s the use of having an electric guitar if you don’t have an amp to plug it into? Pick up the Roland Micro Cube combo amp for around $130.
  • If your kid is interested in drums, check out the ddrum D120B 5-piece drum set. It includes a kick drum, toms, straight cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, kick pedal, snare stand and crash symbols- everything your little drummer needs to get started. And it’s compact, so it can fit comfortably in your home. This drum set will run you about $300.
  • Pianos are making a comeback, and your kid can learn all the basics on a keyboard like the Williams Allegro 88-key digital piano. Its size makes it portable- perfect for lugging back and forth to class at School of Rock. You can find this keyboard for about $300.
  • As Vernon puts it, “We don’t just teach your father’s instruments,” so he also gave us a recommendation for a vocoder. With the Korg MicroKORG synthesizer/vocoder, your kid will be ready to learn all the crazy ways their voice can create music. This vocoder will run you about $400.

As a stocking stuffer, and a preview of what you can expect with School of Rock, pick your kid up a ticket to the School of Rock show at The Orpheum Theatre. At the end of every semester, School of Rock students put on their own rock show. This time, they’re going to bring Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” to life.

This is the first big end-of-season show for School of Rock Wichita. After the summer semester they played a smaller-scale show, but they’re pulling out all the stops for this one. “When you open up with ‘The Wall,’ you are making a statement,” says Ramsey. “A statement to our community, to our students and to ourselves. It’s edgy, it’s easy and challenging at the same time.” With this performance, School of Rock is hoping to establish themselves in the Wichita community as something truly unique.

Students from all skill levels will be performing in the show- everyone gets a chance to be a rock star.

School of Rock will be performing their Pink Floyd show at two different places. On January 24, they’re playing a free event at The Loft in Old Town. On January 26, they’ll be at The Orpheum Theatre downtown. Tickets are only $7, and will be available on selectaseat.com.

In the coming semesters, School of Rock Wichita will be performing all different types of music. “After we break down ‘The Wall,’ we will begin to rebuild a foundation for our school,” says Ramsey.  “In no particular order: The Who, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, punk, folk, funk, Led Zeppelin, 80s, 90s and more,” To get your kid signed up for classes at School of Rock, call (316)351-7600. You can find out more information online at http://wichita.schoolofrock.com/.


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