“Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song.”


Students at School of Rock in Wichita are ready to show off what they’ve learned this season. For their Summer Show, they’re paying tribute to rock and roll legend The Beatles.

The School of Rock Summer Show will be held at Rock Island Live in Old Town, both September 8 and 9. The show will cover a full range of Beatles songs from throughout their career, and both days will feature the same two hour set. The concert starts at 3 p.m. each day, and tickets are only $7 at the door.

The tribute show will be performed by 17 students enrolled in School of Rock’s Performance Program. The Performance Program introduces kids who already know the basics of their instruments to a group setting, teaching them harmonies and musicianship. Along with their individual lessons, students participate in a group lesson each week that shows them what it feels like to be in a band and play a rock show.

School of Rock’s mission is to take students from the lesson room to the stage, and the Summer Show is the culmination of that mission. At the beginning of the season, these students were just kids who knew a little about playing an instrument. Now, they’re a rock band about to perform their first concert, at a real music venue in front of a live audience.


School of Rock is always accepting new students, and their fall enrollment is going on now. School of Rock in Wichita offers classes for the guitar, bass, vocals, keyboard and drums. Obviously, School of Rock isn’t your normal school. All of their students are given individual lessons and group lessons. School of Rock believes this is the best way to build their confidence and teach them to become the best musician possible.

If you’re interested in taking classes at School of Rock in Wichita, call and set up a meeting. The general manager and co-owner Jason Ramsey will give you a tour of the facility, and give you a more in-depth look at what School of Rock offers.

School of Rock is located at 1218 S. Rock Road. To visit them online, go to http://wichita.schoolofrock.com/.


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