Did you know Southwest National Bank in Wichita, Kansas, sells used cars? That’s right- you can shop for a car at the same bank that offers you flexible auto financing.

All cars for sale at Southwest National Bank go through a multi-point inspection at a local, well respected auto repair shop to ensure top quality. Plus, they provide a Carfax report, if requested, on each of their cars, so you can know the car’s history. On top of that, you have the option to purchase an extended warranty. The cars are all priced competitively and most are even priced below retail. Southwest National Bank offers most of the benefits of a car dealership in order to provide a hassle free experience.

The vehicles for sale through Southwest National Bank are kept at two of their locations- the Towne West Branch and Twin Lakes Branch. Due to zone restrictions, they can’t advertise the cars for sale by writing on the windows, so it’s possible you’ve seen them and never realized they were for sale. If you want additional information on a vehicle, or want to talk to someone about purchasing it, all you have to do is go into the bank. They can get you set up with in-house financing and get you out the door with a new (for you) car.

If you’ve been looking for a vehicle, but haven’t known where to start, come by either 454 S. Tracy or 2150 Woodrow Ave. You can also see a list of current for sale cars on Southwest National Bank’s website at https://www.southwestnb.com/UserFiles/File/repos_for_sale.pdf.


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