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Although the Floor Project may be new to Wichita, the Pirner family has been in the flooring business since 1967. Carpet styles, products and sizes may have changed, but La Vone Pirner’s vision for a strong, local flooring company remains the same.

Flooring products by the Floor Project can be seen everywhere from area homes, health care facilities and offices to homes of the stars and even private jets. They don’t just sell the best flooring; they work directly with carpet mills to help create new flooring styles, including their own mill, making some of the most unique and stylish carpets in the country.

The Floor Project’s parent company, CAP Carpet Inc., resides among the top 13 flooring retailers in the U.S.

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    Have you ever thought about getting new carpet in your living room, converting your floors to hardwood or updating your bathroom tile? It’s exciting to pick out new flooring, but it’s hard to get a good feel for what it will actually look like in your home. The Floor Project has got you covered. They are the first retail store in the country to allow a customer to see how any product will look…

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  • Photos: The Floor Project

    Check out some of the great flooring options available at The Floor Project.

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