Every Monday at 3:30, residents at Cornerstone Ridge Plaza play bingo.

Dick Brown comes every week, socialization is one reason he choose to spend part of his retirement at the plaza.

He and his wife have lived there nearly two years.

Battling cancer, Dick says people at Cornerstone offer support you can only get from a close community.

The Browns are a part of a growing number of people choosing retirement and assisted living communities as they age.

"For some it gives them much more freedom to go out and do stuff they always wanted to do," says Annette Graham.

Annette Graham with Central Plains Area Agency on Aging says in the next two years Wichita's over 60 population will grow by forty percent.

"People are living much longer and so their housing needs are changing and their needs in the community are changing," says Graham.

And the community is taking notice.

"I think builders and providers are starting to see the need for more housing options," says Graham. 

Retirement housing is going up all over wichita, like the assisted living being built on North Rock Road.

The city is doing its best to evolve.

Graham says her agency is taking part in a conference Thursday to look at better ways to make the community more enjoyable for retirees.

Because next year, baby boomers, one of the nation's largest populations, are set to retire.