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New Clean Clear Water Option: Clear Ray

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  • Jacuzzi offers new eco-friendly water purification system

    Jacuzzi has developed a new water purification system called Clear Ray. Clear Ray uses the same UV-C technology that is already used in hospitals, municipal water plants and to bottle water. Now you can use that technology to keep your hot tub water clean and fresh.

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  • Caldera Earth Friendly Spa Care

    1. A well-maintained hot tub cover and cover lifter are important for insulating your spa when it isn’t in use. Check for any gaps where heat can escape.
    2. Consider adding the Caldera Hinge Seal to your spa cover to maximize heat retention in your hot tub.
    3. When you use the in-line SPA FROG® water care system that doses a combination of specially-formulated minerals and bromine, you’ll use fewer…

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Hot Tubs, Spas and Jacuzzis

Ultra Modern Pool & Patio carries a large selection of high quality hot tubs from top brands Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, Hot Springs Spas and Caldera Spas. We have over 50 spas on display at our East and West locations. We also sell used hot tubs, and we accept trade-ins on old hot tubs and spas. UMP&P also carries replacement hot tub covers, so when it's time to replace yours, come in and let us assist you in getting the best insulated marine grade vinyl replacement cover from your hot tub brand.

If we don't carry a replacement cover for your exact make and model, we will custom order your replacement cover from Sunstar. We carry replacement covers from several brands, including Jacuzzi, Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot, Salona and Limelight. You should also consider adding a cover lift when replacing your cover. At UMP&P, we will provide local installation for free if you purchase the lift with a replacement cover.

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