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You have a concrete project in mind, but why is it important that you find someone licensed and bonded? Being licensed means that the individual or company has proper training in his field, is capable of doing the required work, and that the worker is aware of the laws and standards at hand. Being bonded means that the individual or company has allotted money in case any claims are made against them. Both help protect against poor work and illegal activity.

You can have your uncle's brother in law help you on a cement project, but without a permit, you are running the risk of legal problems if the work is not up to city or county code. One standard of cement work, for example, is that you don't need to have as much thickness in a sidewalk as you do in a driveway. It would be a shame if once your project was finished, you were told by the city that it wasn't done right and then you can't track that person down to fix it. Worst case scenario, all of your work would have to be torn out and redone, which leaves you paying double.

When it is extremely hot or cold, certain additives need to be added to the cement to compensate for the temperatures. Without the additives, you may have major creaking issues.

A lot of insurance companies actually require a professional company to do the work to prevent those very situations. If problems arise, your mortgage holder and/or insurance company may want some guarantee that the property is repaired correctly.

In the end, it is better not to take the risk. When you choose Opp Concrete, who is licensed and bonded, you can rest assure with the knowledge that they are trained professionals and that they will be held accountable for the work later.

To find out more information about Opp Concrete, visit them online at http://www.oppconcretewichita.com/.

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