Wichita, KS -

Pools can be a relaxing, cool escape during the hot Kansas summers. Unfortunately, the chemicals in pool water can do damage to already dry summer skin, hair and eyes. What if there was a way to swim in a clean pool, but minimize the need for chemicals? That's exactly what UV pool cleaners do.

Cleaning systems for pools all work in the same way- a pump draws water in through a filter that catches debri (sticks, leaves, bugs, etc.) then is pumped back into the pool. UV pool cleaners are attached to the pump, and after the water goes through the filter, it fills up the UV chamber. The chamber shines powerful UV light on the water, killing bacteria and germs.

With a UV pool cleaner, you still need to add chlorine to the pool water, but you use up to 70% less of the chemical with the UV cleaner. That little amount of chlorine doesn't give off a heavy scent or sting sensitive skin and eyes. UV pool cleaners save you money on chemicals and make the water better to swim in- what more could you want?

Ultra Modern Pool & Patio sells UV pool cleaners. With two locations in Wichita and one in Derby, Ultra Modern has a convenient location near you. To find out more about Ultra Modern, visit them online at http://ultramodern.com/ or http://www.fetchtoto.com/shopping/ultramodernpoolandpatio/.

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