Wichita, KS -

What are the advantages of becoming an American citizen over just a resident?

There are too many to count, said Fernando Vizcarra, a Mexico City native who has been living in Wichita with his wife and children for 34 years. As a citizen, you’re able to vote. You are eligible for more jobs. You prevent the risk of deportation. The list goes on.

“The benefits of being a citizen don’t compare with … being a resident,” said Vizcarra, 63. “For example, I’m going to retire in a couple of years and I have found that as a citizen, my benefits are greater.”

Once Vizcarra decided to become an American, his smartest move was taking classes from the SER Corporation to prepare him for the U.S. Citizenship Test. The SER Corporation, located at 1020 N. Main, Suite D in Wichita, assists immigrants and refugees in improving their lives by becoming American citizens.

Today, Vizcarra said he’s “happy and grateful” the SER Corporation was there to help him through its classes with his immigration interview.

“It helped me become more secure and full of confidence,” Vizcarra said. “The instructor was great, and very patient. He has a way of explaining and teaching that really helps you remember. All of the tools that are used for teaching are very effective. I recommend this class to everybody.”

SER’s classes cost a total of $150. They cover items on the U.S. Citizen test such as …

• What the U.S. Constitution does.
• Naming one right or freedom from the First Amendment.
• Defining an amendment.

Those who are least 50 years old may not have to take the English test, depending how long they have lived in the U.S. as a lawful permanent resident here.

SER offers other services as well, such as providing assistance to farm workers, senior citizens and minorities that are seeking to better themselves through Service, Employment and Re-development (SER).

The SER Corporation can be reached at (316) 264-5372, or by emailing Richard Lopez at relopez@sergroup.com. SER’s toll-free number is 1-877-664-5372, and its office is open Monday through Friday. Visit them online at sercorp.com/.

Vizcarra said his wife heard a commercial for SER three years ago, and told him about it.

“It was then that I began thinking about becoming a citizen of this great country,” Vizcarra said.

His advice to those who are thinking about taking SER’s U.S. Citizenship Test classes?

“Do not think twice,” he said.


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