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Women all over the country are affected by ADHD- whether it’s a personal struggle, or one with which a loved one has been diagnosed. The professionals at McNay & Voth Coaching Services specialize in helping woman in Wichita deal with the everyday struggles associated with ADHD. They have techniques and strategies to help mothers parent their children with ADHD, wives support spouses with ADHD, and women gain control over their own ADHD.

Children with ADHD

According to a report from the Center for Disease Control (2012), over 5.2 million children in the U.S., ages of 3 to 17, have been diagnosed with ADHD. Dr. Atha McNay has personal experience parenting a child with ADHD, and has strategies to help parents. She focuses on several research-based strategies when coaching mothers.

“The first thing they talk about is school- how do I get my child to focus in school?” Dr. McNay says of mothers she coaches.

A big help for ADHD children is positive reinforcement, and mothers know best what will work for their child. “Persons with ADHD need immediate reinforcement,” Dr. McNay explains. “We talk about praise, we talk about earning rewards and why those are important.” If your child responds well to extra privileges, use them to reward the child when he or she completes an assignment or remembers to bring their books home.

Another area mothers request help for is how to get their child to remember their chores and responsibilities around the house. “I tell the parents to focus on one chore at a time until the child is remembering to follow through,” says Dr. McNay. Remember to immediately praise your child when they complete their chore.

When it comes to finding a strategy that works for your child, “sometimes it’s just a matter of changing habits- exchanging one bad habit for one good one,” explains Dr. McNay.

Spouses with ADHD

Dr. McNay says positive, immediate reinforcement is also an important strategy when it comes to dealing with spouses who struggle with ADHD.

“You don’t set out to change your spouse,” she says. “You do help your spouse build different habits.” Practice encouragement and communication with your spouse, and always remember to praise them when they follow through. And, as with all relationships, remember to say those two little words: ‘thank you.’

Women with ADHD

When a woman comes to McNay & Voth Coaching Services to help deal with her own ADHD struggles, they get a coach and a cheerleader.

“There is no criticism,” explains Dr. McNay. “They need to know that I understand, that I get it.”

The same behavioral modification strategies Dr. McNay recommends for children and spouses can be used when coaching women on their own struggles. One of the first questions Dr. McNay asks is, “How do you think I can encourage you?” If you need reinforcement between coaching sessions, Dr. McNay is happy to oblige with text messages, phone calls or e-mails.

“That’s one of the differences between coaching and counseling,” explains Dr. McNay. “With coaching, I can give them those pieces of help throughout the week.”

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