Helping Hand

Mother, son receive Helping Hand to open more 'Paxton's Blessing Box' locations

WPD Homeless Outreach Team receives $1,200 Helping Hand

Mulvane Co-op receives $1,200 Helping Hand

12 families receive surprise Christmas gift from KWCH and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers

Oaklawn woman receives Helping Hand to improve her neighborhood

The Salvation Army gets surprise cash gift for coat drive

Bread of Life receives $1,200 to help feed hungry Kansans

Wichita woman who was robbed and beaten receives a Helping Hand

Kansas high school receives Helping Hand for giving student a lifetime memory

Kansas woman makes, donates blankets to kids in need

Wichita police officer receives Helping Hand to benefit other officers in need

Andover teacher receives Helping Hand to fight cancer

Wichita woman receives 'Helping Hand' to help flood victims in Mulvane

Helping Hand


KWCH 12 and Devaughn James Injury Lawyers want to lend a Helping Hand to those in our community. Every other Monday, we will give out “Helping Hand Grants” to those needing a little extra help or to those making a difference to people around them. Join us during Eyewitness News at 10:00 p.m. – every other Monday – as KWCH 12 and Devaughn James Injury Lawyers recognize people in our community.