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The Balanced Life

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Get Your Exercise On - Then Rest!

We all know, or have at least heard, how important exercise is to our health.  It's great for our us physically AND emotionally, but sometimes we can overdo it.  While, ideally, we all would work out/exercise in some form or fashion EVERY day, for those who are just starting out on an exercise regiment it's best to take it slow.

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The Power of Touch

Are you a touchy-feely person?  If you're anything like me and you answered "yes," touch is extremely beneficial and necessary in everyday life.  Women's Health cites research that says touch can be beneficial to A LOT of people.  But here in the United States, many people have limited daily touch; this, in turn, can lead to something called touch deprivation.

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When Dry Skin Isn't Just Dry Skin

Sadly winter will just not die this year and many of us may be suffering from extra dry skin.  For a small proportion of the population, only about 2%, the issue could be more than just dry skin, though - it could be psoriasis.

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Helping In The Fight Against Alzheimer's

Alzheimer's Disease is a devastating illness that affects almost all of us in one way or another.  Some of us may suffer from the disease ourselves, while others are children, grandchildren, friends, or other relatives of those who are affected. 

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Random Acts of Kindness

All of us have been the beneficiaries of a random act of kindness at some time or another.  Whether a stranger smiled at us or held a door or our mom's baked us yummy cookies, we've all felt a little warmer inside because someone was kind.  But how often have YOU acted kindly in a random way?  Turns out, the more often you do the happier you could be.

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Get Adventurous!

Feeling down after all the snow and ice of last week?  Needing some sunshine?  You can make your own! 

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Care For Your Knees

Our knees take a beating each and every day.  We walk, run, jump, and come back down to the ground during everyday activities and through exercise.  While knees can withstand a great deal of pressure, after a certain amount of time they begin to break down and cause us pain.

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Sensible Snack Swaps

Whether you're a football fan or not, you probably have plans for "the big game" coming up this weekend.  Often Super Bowl parties are marked by drinking and snacking on cheese dips, wings, pizza, and other savory snacks that don't help our waistlines so much.  If you're on a diet and hosting or attending a party, here are some tips from TOPS Club (and me!).


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