FactFinder 12

FF12: What you need to know if you received a letter from Dept. of Justice

FF12: When is gambling illegal in Kansas?

How federal agents can tap your phones

FF12 Update: Bill could require care homes to allow cameras

Update: Kansas representatives react to FF12 investigation

FF12: WPD suspends spike strip use for 30 days

Terrazas charged with aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer

Popular ingredient leading to increased dog illnesses and deaths

FF12: Family hopes video leads to changes in Alzheimer’s care

FF12: Former Ottawa Co. Sheriff's deputy at center of stolen trailer investigation

FF12: KBI Director plans to fix everything in Amber Alert review

KBI to implement all recommendations from Amber Alert review

FF12: Attorney General to get KBI Amber Alert review report

Wichita Police Chief talks successes, challenges and plans after first year

Wichita massage parlor shuts down after prostitution arrest

FF12: Local company decides to "scam the scammer"

FF12 obtains Ottawa County Sheriff's policy on force after tasing video

FF12: How to keep your home safe after the holidays

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