FactFinder 12

Kansas veterans: 'This is an emergency'

FF12: Customers say 'Kansas' dating company not what it seems

Evan Brewer's stepmother breaks silence after Evan's death

FF12: Wichita gangs turning to human trafficking

BEHIND PRISON WALLS: FF12 finds what's really happening in prisons

FF12: El Dorado prison issue involved weapons, gang fights and led to second issue

VIDEO: Liberal, Kan. city commissioner walks away from traffic stop

FF12: Couple details stalking, violence that led to WPD officer's arrest

FF12: Why hasn't anyone been charged in Evan Brewer's death?

FF12: Change in police report raises questions surrounding WPD

Former WSU student gov. president says school paid law firm to investigate him

FF12: Fake website scamming customers of Wichita business

FF12: 'Neighbor spoofing' causing headaches with few solutions

FF12 questions lead to details on nepotism, misuse of funds at DCCC

FF12: Affidavit says suspect in KDOR shooting confessed to friends

FF12: Man charged with attempted capital murder questions charges

FF12: Making sure disaster insurance has you covered

FF12: KDOR investigates after employees had issue calling 911 during tax office shooting

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