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FactFinder 12

FF12: Kansas chief 'at loss for words' after chase leads to bigger concern

FF12: Law enforcement team shares what it takes to combat burglaries

FF12: A look inside neighborhood watch programs that deter burglars

UPDATE: Chief and Sheriff respond to arrested officer's claims

FF12: Take steps to protect your home from burglars

FF12 request reveals potential criminal allegations against DCCC admins

FF12: Family watches staged home burglary live

KDOC's top official answers questions on prison concerns

Kansas' attorney general pushes to end spoofed phone calls

FF12 gives insight into the minds of burglars

FF12: Why some received Amber Alert notices after children found safe

FF12: Why the 'Do Not Call' list falls short of helping stop calls

FF12: Hundreds of tax documents stolen from Wichita tax service

FF12: DCF finds evidence of fiduciary abuse against The Arc employee

FF12: Convicted Sumner County felon on the run for years captured

FF12: Grandparent scam has new twist

Popular ingredient leading to increased dog illnesses and deaths

FF12: State audited Evans United Carnival after toddler was injured

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