WichitaKS -

Call it a high-tech version of Hansel and Gretel.  Push a button on a hand-held device and a satellite helps you get back to your campground, or your car, or even your hotel room in a big city?

That's the claim of the BackTrack from Bushell---an Overland Park company. 

So we put it to the test with two local boyscouts, Blake and Ian.  Before they got there, we tied a red handkerchief to the handle of the outdoor men's restroom at the Great Plains Nature Center.   We clicked one button (the device only has two) to tell the BackTrack that this was the spot to head back to.

Then we headed back to the main building to find the boys.

Blake and Ian were itching to get started!  They clicked the BackTrack's other button and found out they were more than 200 yard away ---and needed to head southwest.

Step-by-step, the device showed them getting closer and it lead them in right direction the whole way.  Minutes later, they were outside of the restroom when the Back Track lit up with arrows.  That's the sign they were back to the beginning---and just like the directions promised, they were within just a few feet of the door.   Red handkerchief found!

The boys brought their compass---just in case---but readily admitted this was more fun to use.  Dad wasn't as excited when he heard the pricetag:  about $80!    But each boy said this is now on their birthday list.

Does It Work?   Yes (Scout's honor!).

We ordered ours through Hammacher Schlemmer, but you can also order directly from the company.  The link is to the left.