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They take it with them wherever they go.   Whether you're talking about phones, car keys or anything else, they're all in a college kid's backpack.  That makes it an easy grab-and-go target for thieves.

The solution to that may be small, but it's loud.  It's the Bag Protector Alert.  It says if someone even tries to move your bag, the motion sensor will detect that and set off a 100 decibel alarm. 

We get a group of college kids to hand over their bags for our test.

The instructions say just key in your four digit code, press the buttons to "arm" it and your bag is supposed to be protected.

That's when Ben tries to "steal" it.  He doesn't get far!

A few steps away and the alarm goes off---and doesn't shut off, no matter what button he pushes.  Folks are watching him all across the lobby.

"Turn it off!" he yells.  But he's impressed.

Tiffany doesn't know the price, but says she'd pay between $50 and $100 for it because it worked so well.  The actual price:  $15!

However, the guys discover one thing.  If they take their time and move very slowly (two things a thief may not have time for), they can take off the clip from the bag without it going off. 

Katie comes up with a solution for that.  She puts the armed device inside a pocket on her bag, where no one can see it. When someone picks up her bag, the noise is still loud enough to be heard very well all across the room.

Ben likes the device, but doesn't think he'd use it every day.  Instead, if he had to leave his backpack at the front of a bookstore or a similar situation, he'd pull out the alarm for that.

Does It Work?

All four of our testers say "yes"---especially for $15.

We bought our alarm from Dormco.com.