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Two people may be able to do a job faster, but sometimes you can’t find that second person to help out in the kitchen.  That’s where the Baggy Rack comes in.

The makers of the Baggy Rack say it can be that extra set of hands and turn a messy job into a simple one.

We asked high school senior Josh Hudson to do a two-person job…ladling food into a storage bag.

Josh has a hard time, and try as he might, he still gets food all over the counter.

We tried the same task with the Baggy Rack.  The device sits on the countertop and has clips that hold the bag in place while you pour.

Josh’s friend, Kelsey starts ladling food and found that it was sturdier than she thought it would be. She’s surprised it passed her test.

So, it works with ladling, but how about pouring?

We ask Dyllan to pour a whole can of tomato sauce without touching the bag.

He’s also surprised with how the Baggy Rack works.

So, Does it Work? Our testers say “YES!”

You can buy this by clicking here. Youc an also find it on Amazon by clicking here. The cost is between $4 and $8 plus shipping.