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Penny Seiwert’s dog has endurance. And that’s the problem.“She barked for four hours straight when we were trying to converse,” she complains.So she asked to be a Does It Work tester for Bark Off. The $10 device says it stops annoying barking with a sound that’s inaudible to humans. But when she turns it on, Penny finds it’s not all that silent.“I can hear it loud and clear.  It’s high pitched.”The test, though, is on the dogs. And at first little Puddin’ appears to be passing the test. Her barking quiets down a little. So it’s time for the big challenge:  Harlow!  He’s the one that hold that four-hour barking record.For a few moments things look hopeful. Harlow’s woofs are shorter than usual. But minutes after that, things change.That’s when all the dogs start barking and won’t stop. It’s enough for Penny to change her mind about the Bark Off.Does It Work?“Now I’m thinking ‘no’,” she says. “I would think once they heard the signal emitting it would make them be quiet. It would get to their ears.”We called the company to get its response to our tester’s results.  But they never returned our contact.If you had thought about buying it, Penny says don’t.“It was not worth the money.  And I’m sad because I was thinking about buying it myself.  I’m glad I didn’t.”