WichitaKS -

Wichita is where White Castle burgers were invented, so where better to test another kind of "mini-burger?"

Can the Big City Slider Station really make five of those little hamburgers that are so popular---and will they taste good?

Lots of questions to ask of Helen Maples, the Annex Lounge's burger-lady.

She fixes dozens of the restaurant's popular hamburgers and cheeseburgers every day.   So what's five or ten more?

The Slider Station is a pan that fixes five little hamburgers at a time on your stove top.  The lid presses the  burgers down to flatten them out and cook without flipping them.   The device comes with a scoop to measure out just the right amount of meat.

Helen puts the ground burger into each of the pan's wells, presses down the lid and heads to the stove.  The directions say it should take two to four  minutes to cook.

But it takes six minutes for our first batch, which shrinks after cooking--- a lot!  We put the sliders on a cocktail bun (not a normal-sized one) and the meat is dwarfed by the bread.  And the news only gets worse from there.

Our testers say the burgers are tough, dry, and way too small, even for sliders.  Thumbs down all the way around.

So Helen swings into Round-Two and five more burgers.  This time she cooks them a little less, but the reviews don't get much better.

Our testers say they're not as dry, but they still shrunk a lot more than the box's picture shows. However, they still think they taste "steamed," not grilled. 

And then Helen points to the fact that to feed a family of four, you'd be cooking at least three to four batches.  Not only does that take time, but the first burgers would be cold by the time the last ones were done.

Does It Work?

Helen and our three taste testers say "no."

We bought our Big City Slider Station for $20 at Walgreens, but it's also available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and Walmart.