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When we want to get "the skinny" on a workout, we go to KWCH's "exercise expert" in the sports office,  Jenn Bates.  She's helping me with the "Booty Slide."  You're supposed to work your way to a gravity-defying derriere with a special pair of booties you use on a hard floor."These are tight little suckers," Jenn said as she puts them on her feet.  We got the booties, four work-out DVD's, two sliders for your hands, and a nutrition guide for $19.99, plus shipping and handling.Jenn starts with the first DVD under the watchful eye of Genesis Trainer Tom Cole.  "One of the things we're going to need to keep in mind is try to keep the knee over the ankle.  As soon as the knee starts to wobble, you're going to lose stability and probably either fall, strain, our hurt yourself," Tom said.Jenn's first thoughtful piece of feedback, "honestly, I have really ticklish feet and it kind of tickles."  But on a serious foot, "a recommendation would be until you're accustomed to the booty slide, put one bootie on, leave one with full traction," Tom said.Jenn makes her way through the rest of the DVD's.  One routine wants some resistance bands and a yoga mat.  Luckily, we were in a gym, because those items do not come with the package.Jenn's work-out is over.  And, Tom weighs-in.  "You could get yourself a good workout.  I am concerned for a couple opportunities for injury in there," Tom said.Tom says combine this with an overall good diet and work-out plan, and you could see results.  "Like Tom said before, it's only going to work for you if you truly want it to work for you," Jenn said.Does it work? "Yes," Tom said.Each DVD runs about 20 to 30 minutes.  The instructions say you can do all of the four work-outs at once, but only if you can maintain proper form.  Also, you're going to need to be on a surface that you're able to slide on.  The instructions also mention you should only wear the booties for working-out. Booty Slide: Does it Work?