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Newlyweds Jason and Sarah Green share a love for coffee. But using a single cup brewing system and disposable k-cups can really test their commitment to their Keurig."Definitely a little more expensive," Jason said.The "Cafe Cup" claims it can help them save with its reusable cups. That's because you can use your less expensive ground coffee inside of them. We bought four online, with two scoops, for $10.99, plus shipping and handling.Jason and Sarah filled a "Cafe Cup" with ground coffee. They put one and a half scoops inside the "Cafe Cup." Snap it shut. Put it inside the Keurig. And, brew.Seconds later, it's ready to drink."It's good, I like it," Sarah said."I like that you can make it a little bit stronger than that pre-packaged [cup]," Jason said.But does it leave any coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup?"Just a tiny bit. Not much," Jason said.Before they can use it again, Sarah has to clean-out the "Cafe Cup." It's a step you don't have to take with a k-cup you can just throw away."A little messy," Jason said.The "Cafe Cup" says it can also tackle tea. But it has to be loose leaf."I think it's very good," Sarah said.Is it good enough to use every morning?"It would get a little bit cumbersome washing it out sometimes, all the time," Jason said.But they both agree it would save them money.So does it work?"I'd say yeah. It does work," Jason said.Jason did have one concern. He felt the plastic lid was flimsy and could break-off easily, after you use it a lot. But otherwise, they liked it.The company says it works best with Keurig coffee makers. But it does not work on the Keurig "Vue" model. Cafe Cups: Does It Work?