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It's hard to find a woman who doesn't believe she has "problem area" somewhere on her body.  It's even harder to find a woman who will publicly admit it."I have a lot of problem areas.  Do you want to be a little more specific," KSCW's Sierra Scott said.But have you met Sierra and her friends?"You know what, I'm from the farm and we call it back fat," Lewjene Schneider said.Sierra Scott, Angie Schmidt, and Lewjene Schneider are all brave enough to show "their problems" and try a possible solution...  the "Cami Shaper by Genie."  We found the product at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $19.99 each.It says it's the ultimate "3 in 1"--bra, camisole, and shaper."If this works, I will be able to wear this dress again," Sierra said.The ladies show us how their top halves look before they slip-on the "Cami Shaper."  Then we let them go change."I will tell you what it reminds me of... Spanx for your back.  Look how smooth.  It smoothed everything out," Sierra said.Angie also shows-off noticeable results.We know it's a shaper.  But is it a bra?"I took my bra off," Sierra said.Angie says the "Cami Shaper" doesn't work if you try to wear a bra."I have to say though, you have to wear it without the bra, because otherwise you get that bulge in the back there that you would have with your bra," Angie said.That could deter top-heavy women."I wouldn't recommend it for well-endowed women… because it doesn't have the extra support, it doesn't have the under-wire and the lift," Angie said.Is it a cami too?"Maybe if I had a jacket over it," Sierra said.They all agree you will need to accessorize if you wear it alone.  And, they come together on one more thing-does it work?"It works," they all agree.The ladies recommend you follow the sizing chart on the back, because it is true to size.  If you need a small, you might have to order it online.  We did for this test, because both "Bed, Bath and Beyond" stores didn't carry size small. Cami Shaper: Does it work?