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Lori Smith of Newton's "Caring Hands Humane Society" can catch a cat's attention - with laser lights, fans, feathers, pipe cleaners ..."Anything they can bat around, grab with their claws, pick-up, mouth, bat around underneath things and try to catch it," she says.But keeping that attention can be a challenge. That's why she offered to help us test the "Cat's Meow." It claims to be the cat toy your cat can't resist.We bought two on Amazon for almost $60. That does not include shipping and handling, and you'll need to buy 3 C batteries.We start putting together the base, cover, wand, and cap. We push the button, and we should be good to go.The red wand works its magic ... for some of the curious cats."I'm wondering why they're not more interested in the red thing than the cover and the noise," Lori says. "They all seem curious about the noise."  Lori wonders if there are too many kitties for just one "Cat's Meow." So she brings out a donated deluxe model that has three speeds."I think it's the same, because now that they're used to this one," Lori said. "It's not novel anymore."  The "Cat's Meow" makes a few other claims, like it can move on carpet - which it did.It also claims to stop clawing and scratching. But Lori has her doubts.  "It's not going to change that behavior," she says. "That's a completely different behavior. They scratch the furniture to leave their scent or sharpen their claws. This is not going to to that."So, is it the "Cat's Meow?" In other words, does it work?  "Yeah, I think so," Lori replies. Video: The Cat's Meow: Does It Work?