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Diane Rapp gently fluffs her pillow now. But by the end of most nights, it's her soggy punching bag."By the time I wake up in the morning, it's drowned," Diane said.For the last several years, Diane's nights have been very uncomfortable. Tired of constantly changing out sweat-soaked pillows for dry ones, Diane asked us to the test the Chillow Cooling Pad.The commercial says the "Chillow keeps your head cool and dry. The secret is soothsoft technology - the water-cooling memory foam that keeps you cool for hours."We bought two online for almost $26.89. That includes shipping and handling.The first step calls for adding seven to eight cups of water. Next, you let it sit for four hours to "activate." Then, it's time to release the air bubble. Like the directions say, the Chillow appears to be vacuum packed."It's really getting cool; cooler than it was," Diane said.We'll see if it stays that way. We leave Diane with the Chillow for the night.The next day, we check in on the Chillow."I woke up cool, comfortable, my pillowcase was dry, my hair was dry," Diane said. "I love it."Diane says she slept with the plastic side of the Chillow down, because it was too cold. However, she did say at times during the night, it wasn't as cool. But she just changed the side she was sleeping on."When I rolled back over it was cold again," Diane said.Does it work?"Absolutely."Keep in mind, the Chillow does not require batteries or electricity. However, you can put it in the refrigerator for 15 to 30 minutes. Diane says she did not need to do that.While Diane had no complaints, we did hear from a viewer. The viewer said she purchased one Chillow that was ripped along the side. The viewer said she then bought another, but that busted as well.  We reached out to the company. It said it has not received a lot of complaints about that problem. However, it had problems with a leaking valve. That that problem was fixed with a re-design. Video: Chillow: Does It Work?