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They don’t look like anything else you’ve ever seen before. But while they have a resemblance to Mickey Mouse ears, they’re a little more intimate. The name:  Cleavage Caddies, because, admit it ladies, sometimes your bras as done double-duty as a purse in the past.

The $30 Caddies go inside your bra to hold all those little things that usually go in your purse:  lipstick, credit cards, money. Our first tester, LewJene, goes behind closed doors to load up her Cleavage Caddy. When she steps out, “lumpy” is the first word that comes to mind.

“I wouldn’t go out to dinner wearing this,” she laughs, “but I’d go to the Y to exercise.”

Our next tester, Sierra, grabs everything she’ll need for a night out at the club.  That includes her money, lip gloss, credit cards, lip liner, a pen and her driver’s license. And believe it or not, when she gets it all tucked in the pockets, we can’t tell it’s there.

The only problem is finding the right time and place to pull it out and use it. “I don’t think there’s a nice way to dig in there and not get attention,” she giggles. “I know people who would do that, but I’m not one of them!”

Our final tester, Steph, has another problem when she uses the Caddy.“It was hard to get a balance on either side.  Too much on one side, not enough on the other!”

But Does It Work?

Sierra and LewJene say “Yes.”

“I’m still laughing a little,” says Sierra. “But I’m thinking it works better than we thought.

However, do they think we invaded their privacy---just a little? “Oh yeah!  We’re not telling our mothers about this!” You can order these at www.cleavagecaddy.com.