WichitaKS -

They promise to make your produce last longer and save you money.   So we found a woman, Lisa Watson, who says saving money-and time ---is at the top of her list.  She's the mother of triplet toddlers, but volunteered to put Debbie Meyer Green Bags to the test. 

We bought bananas, tomatoes, grapes, strawberries and pears  for the test.  Half of each went in the Green Bags and the other half in the regular bag that comes from the store.

Although the ads say it could take two weeks to see a difference, we got our results in just 7 days.  The biggest difference:  the bananas and strawberries. After a week, each of those were much fresher in the Green Bags than in either on the countertop (bananas) or in the box from the store (strawberries).  The pears also stayed fresher longer in the Green Bags.  

However, there was little difference in the two batches of grapes.  And the tomatoes in the Green Bags were actually worse (covered in mold) than those in the regular plastic bag. 

However, Lisa is still impressed.  

Does It Work?   She says "yes!"

You can buy the bags at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Wichita, or through several sites on the internet.  They're $10 for 20 bags.