WichitaKS -

Our three testers put their feet---and health---on the line for this week's Does It Work test.  Do Verseo Detox Foot Patches really pull toxins from your body and make you feel better?

All three put the patches on their feet overnight and pulled them off in the morning.  Just like the directions say, the patches were brown and slimy.  However, after two days one of our testers had to drop out, because the patches made her feet burn and itch.

Our other two testers lasted the full two weeks, but found:

1.  They didn't feel any better.

2.  They weren't more rested.

3.  If they had paid the $40 for the sack of patches, they would have felt ripped off and would have wanted their money back.

We called and e-mailed  Verseo to get the company's response to our results.  However,  they didn't respond to our phone messages or e-mails.