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In order to be a tester for us, Sam Speer has to do something he's not used to doing with a manicured lawn... tear it up!"I've never got to dump this stuff out on a nice yard,” Sam said.He's one of the men behind "Montgomery Speer Lawn and Tree Service."  Sam agreed to take a break from work... to work for us... testing the EZ Bagger. It's a bag holder that promises to hold all kinds of bags -- especially lawn and leaf bags.  We found this one online for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.Within a few minutes, it's ready.  Sam slips a 55-gallon bag over the EZ-Bagger.  It has four settings.  The largest setting was too big for this bag. So, Sam moved it to the second smallest setting."That's a pretty big trash bag,” Sam said.Sam starts to fill 'er up.  The EZ Bagger holds the big bag. Sam is able to pick it up, over the bag, and tie the lawn bag with no problem."It's plastic.  But it held up.  And I can break about anything,” Sam said.Sam says the EZ Bagger worked on the 39 gallon and 33 gallon bags."It held in there.  It's not ripped.  It's full,” Sam said.Now, the paper bag.  Sam never gets it secured over the EZ-bagger. But, he says the EZ-Bagger did help.“It would be better than just sitting in the yard,” Sam said.Does it work?"Oh, it works pretty good... it would be real good for a homeowner,” Sam said.The man behind EZ-Bagger says you can use it for other types of bags. On its website, it shows it with a mesh bag holding pool toys, as well.EZ Bagger: Does it Work?