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This week's Does It Work taught me a life lesson. Until now I didn't realize the world was divided into two sets of people:  those who like the soft,  middle-part of the brownie and those who like the crust!   (The center of the pan was always the first to go at our house.)

Crust-lovers take notice! The $35 Edge Brownie Pan was made just for you.  The cast aluminum pan twists and turns to give every piece two edges---or at least that's the claim.

Amanda and Lora, our testers, pull out a box mix of brownies (we're keeping this test real!) and get to work.  Our first challenge:  how long to cook the batter.  The measurement of the pan doesn't match any of the options on the back of the box.

But challenge number two is more humorous! Getting the batter itself in the pan. Think making a right and left turn, more than once, while pouring.

Lora sums it up best. "I don't think drinking while you're doing this would be a good idea!"

The two gals decide on 30 minutes for the baking time and they'll check to see if they need more.

They don't. The brownies are done and ready to cool.

And they get fabulous reviews. Every brownie has at least two chewy edges and you get double the number of corners: eight in all.  And each corner has three chewy edges.

Does It Work?

Amanda and Lora say "yes!"

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