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Behind some dingy headlights, Fred Kauffman's 1999 Suburban has personality.  "This one is just simply the Burb," Fred said.  Fred's ride is pretty simple.  But Fast Brite could give it some sparkle... at least when it comes to the headlights.Fast Brite says it's an "auto headlight restorer kit."  It claims it can make your headlights five times brighter... no buffing or sanding.  We got it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $9.99.Fred gets right to testing at LT's Auto Sales.  He follows the first of two steps-- rubbing the "polish solution" on one side of his headlight.  He says it feels like he's sanding.  "It's starting to smooth out as I continue polishing it," Fred said.Step two--applying the "lens protectant" with the other side of the sponge.  "I think it's kind of a sealer so to speak.  Almost like a car wax," Fred said.Then Fred does the final wipe-down.  "There's the finished product on that half," Fred said.  "Considerable difference on the clearness of the headlight."Fred says the finished side looks a little milky though.  So he has to buff it a little more.  He also notices something else.  "It [has] has  real fine granules that are sanding the surface of your light," Fred said.  But his business partner, LT, makes a good point.  "If you've come to the realization that you need this, you've probably already got a few scratches to start with," LT said.After Fred finishes the job and takes a look at the finished product, he has an opinion too.  "It's an improvement.  I would call it a success.  We will just have to see how long it will last," Fred said.Does it work?  "It works, for now," Fred said.  We checked- in with Fred about a month after he used Fast Brite.  He says his lights don't look bad.  They might be a little hazy.  But he says they're still better than before the treatment.Also, the box says it can work in 30 seconds.  It took Fred about two minutes on each light. Fast Brite: Does it Work?