WichitaKS -

Everything that comes in the door at Goodwill has been owned before. That means there’s a good chance what you want to buy may have a few scratches on it.

But if you’re looking at a piece of wood furniture, “Fit It For Wood” says it can hide that scratch. The repair kit comes with two bottles:  one for light wood and one for dark wood. That’s all the directions say you need to make those scratches disappear.

Gayle Goetz, Vice-President for Development at Goodwill, puts on the gloves and is ready to get down to work.

Our first test: a dark serving tray made of particle wood.  No matter how hard Gayle tries, the scratch only goes from glaring while to “glaring beige.”

But when she heads to a solid oak table, she reaches for the light wood bottle. That’s when things change. The scratch nearly disappears. We can still see the indentation, but the color now nearly matches the table.

Next up: a table made of pine. Gayle’s first try with the light doesn’t work, but the dark bottle does wonders! Scratch after scratch goes away. And even larger blemishes blend into the wood.

Gayle is amazed. In fact, she can’t stop using it! After she finishes that table, she heads to other pieces of furniture in the store to work on them. They all  look better when she gets done with them. 

Does It Work?

Gayle says “Yes!”

In fact, when we last saw her, she was still fixing wood all across the store.

You can buy Fix It For Wood at Walgreens.