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Christince Vumai’s KitchenAid stand mixer isn’t just another kitchen gadget.

“It’s my baby! I was so excited to get it. I would die without it! I wanted it forever, forever, ever and ever!”

But as much as she loves it, there is one drawback: the gap between the beater and the bowl. “I have to stop every few seconds and turn it, scrape it. If you don’t, you get a pocket of flour or cake mix. It’s gross!”

Cue this week’s Does It Work products. Yes, more than one!

Both the Beater Blade and the Flex Edge Beater say they will scrape the bowls during the mixing process on tilt-head KitchenAid mixers.

Christince tries out the $25 Beater Blade first. And she notices all of the rubber edge touches the side of the bowl. She adds ingredients for a cake and turns on the mixer.

She’s rocking-not in a good way! The beater makes the mixer shake a bit. But she notices the edge is scraping the bowl.

And, she says, that doesn’t usually happen. When she pours out the batter?

“No powder, no flour, no mix. Just pure yummy deliciousness.”She’s impressed! “It scraped everything everywhere. Every nook and cranny! It touched every ounce of water, oil, every egg!”

Next up, KitchenAid’s own $30 Flex Edge Beater. It doesn’t appear to sit as tightly next to the bowl. But when Christince turns on her mixer for another cake?

“I’m seeing stripes like I did with the first one. Not as many, but they’re bigger.”

When she pours out this cake batter there isn’t any dry cake mix.

“It works!” she says. “It works as well.”

In fact, Christine says she likes them both.

“As far as scraping, they work equally good.”

And her new motto? “Babies need diapers and stand mixers need attachments!”

You can order the KitchenAid Flex Edge Beater here.  The Beater Blade is sold here.