WichitaKS -

Time really does fly! That's what a brand new alarm clock claims. All to try to make the deepest sleeper get out of bed in the morning.

Time to make the donuts. "I get up at 3:30pm. I set 3 alarms the first one I roll over and turn off and hit the snooze button."

That makes the gang at Lamar's Donuts the perfect testers for the flying alarm clock. Its guarantee: you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

Why?  It claims it won't shut up, until you put it back together, after part of it shoots flies off the top. But not everyone was thrilled with the loud noise the alarm makes.

"No. Not at four o'clock in the morning. Not what I want to wake up to. That would wake me up in a bad mood."

But Matt's boss, his dad, likes it. "We've got some you have to call 2-3 times. They say, oh I hit the snooze. This would solve that problem for sure."

That's because even when Matt tries pushing every button, even stick his finger in the slot, it still won't shut off. It does when he puts the rotor back in its socket. Does It Work?

It does, though Matt would like something a little quieter.