WichitaKS -

If the fur that used to be on your dog or cat is now floating across your room, we may have help.

How about terminating it with the Furminator? The comb, of sorts, says its guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, comb or rake. The price? Between $20 and $60 dollars depending on the size and where you buy it. 

Our volunteer, Jamie Bohannon, has two beautiful dogs, Annie and Rex.  Since Annie's shedding is worse, Jamie starts are her. When she opens the package, Jamie's first impression of the Furminator is that it looks like either a straight razor or a comb with very, tiny teeth.

Once she gets started, though, she's amazed. The Furminator gets out lots of hair quickly--and it's the undercoat.  That's the fine, light hair which is so dense close to your pet's skin. It's also the kind Jamie says is floating through her house!

After just 10 minutes, she has enough to cover the bottom of the bucket and it's several inches thick. She says that's more than she usually gets from her regular brush in the same time frame. And Annie doesn't seem to mind being brushed at all.

Does It Work?

Jamie says yes!  She wants one badly! If she can't keep the one she's using, she's going out to buy one.

The Furminator is available at some area veterinarian's offices and also local pet stores.  However, we bought ours from Amazon.com, which we found to be cheaper.