WichitaKS -

Most of us use a little something to help us get into the garage safely.  Whether it's a tennis ball or a rope…but, what if there was another device…that you didn't have to suspend from your ceiling?

The Garage Laser Park cost just $16, but promises to help you line up your car in the garage in the exact spot every time, thanks to its red laser beam.

We employed the help of Bob Fisher to help us test it.  Bob tells us it would have come in handy for his daughter, who had a habit of running into things in the garage.

The device runs on a 9-volt battery, but you can also plug it in.  You can use screws to attach it to your garage ceiling, but we used double-sided tape instead. 

Bob notices it has a number of adjustments, but getting it in the right spot over his vehicle was a bit of a challenge.

Reaching the laser to adjust it was not easy, but once it was set – it was set.

He lines the laser up with a spot on his dashboard that will work for him.  After backing out of the garage and pulling back in, he's able to line it up exactly the way he's supposed to…using just the laser dot.

The laser is motion-activated and turns off automatically after ten seconds.

Bob says he's impressed with the device, especially since you can see the laser coming up on the hood of the car, indicating that you're getting close.

Does it Work? Yes!