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Ever since the Summer Olympics, Linda Bruring could use some help answering the phones at Wichita Gymnastics."On Monday, I had over 50 phone calls before four o'clock,” Linda said.The GoJo Hands Free headset could assist.  It claims to be the "only phone device that is truly hands-free."  We got two for about $17, that includes shipping and handling.Linda jumped right in… sticking the GoJo's suction cup to her cordless phone.  Linda was soon confident enough to follow through with her routine.  And she even let go of the phone to write.  But she's not completely sold."I feel like I have to do this (hold the phone),” Linda said.We also had Linda try the GoJo with an iPhone and her flip phone."It works much better with the cell phone,” Linda said. Click to See Test Photos So, Does it Work?"Ummm... It's probably like a 5.5... it works, but it doesn't feel very comfortable,” Linda said.The GoJo still has a chance to improve its score, because we're not done testing its claims.  In its commercial, the GoJo stays on while a girl does a flip.Elise and Emerson, students at Wichita Gymnastics, put-on the GoJo and go.  Every time the girls flipped, the phone flew-off.There's still one more test.  The GoJo says it not only can hold the weight of your phone, but even a five pound laptop.  But it didn’t hold our 4.75 pound laptop.GoJo sent us this statement: “The GoJo Hands Free Headset went through extensive testing to ensure quality, durability and compatibility with all cell phones, and there are millions of satisfied GoJo Hands Free users. In our product testing, GoJo’s high density suction cup held up to repeated laptop tests, as well as the fitness handspring test shown in the commercial. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal, and GoJo comes with a money back guarantee.” --Allstar Products Group GoJo Hands Free Headset: Does it Work?