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Moms and Dad pick healthy foods for their kids’ snacks.  But truth be told, they’re also thinking about where that snack will eventually---realistically---end up!Just ask Libby Albers. “We have a lot of spillage. I kind of wonder what percent of our carpet is fruit snacks and cracker crumbs!” So we hand her three-year-old, Gabe, this week’s Does It Work Product:  the Gyrobowl. The plastic bowl is supposed to rotate to stay upright, no matter how your child holds it.  And it comes with handles surrounding the bowl for easy carrying.We put cheese and crackers into Gabe’s bowl, he takes it by those handles and is off! Libby likes what she sees.  “It definitely keeps it balanced.  That’s pretty impressive, actually. I didn’t think there was any way it would work.”But that’s with larger snacks.  What happens when we fill it with little things, as in “Cheerios?”Gabe and his 19-month-old sister, Nora, are still able to tote the bowls around.  But this time there is some spillage. Not a lot, but a few cereal pieces end up on the floor.“I don’t know if it’s spill-proof,” says Libby, “maybe spill-resistant.”But she admits if we had handed them regular bowl and told them to carry them around the house, it would have been a mess!Does It Work?Libby says “yes.”“We deal with a lot of spills, so I couldn’t believe there would be something that holds the food that well.” And if it passed the “Gabe and Nora test,” she says the Gyrobowl has gone through a trial.“The test is still going on….all through the house! If we find Cheerios in the bathroom, you’ll know why!”We bought two Gyrobowls for $14.99 plus shipping and handling from: http://www.buygyrobowl.com/flare/next