WichitaKS -

There are a lot of "self-contained" mops on the market, but we like the claim of the H20 Mop.  It says it will turn tap water into steam in seconds.  So Jan and Phil from 104.5 The Fox volunteered to see "Does It Work"---on the KWCH studio floor.

The mop needs to be put together, which wasn't too hard.   After that, you simply fill the tank with water and turn it on.

In less than a minute the water is steaming, and the gang is ready to mop.  The two of them got rid of pop stains, hairspray residue and some spilled coffee in just moments.   The mop itself was filthy by the time we were done.

The didn't have as much success on the carpet, even though it's advertised as a steam cleaner for that. 

However, both Jan and Phil are so impressed with the mop that they said they'd recommend it to you. 

Does It Work?  Yes!