WichitaKS -

It's the time of year the radio, and all of the Storm Team 12 crews, can save your life by bringing you the very latest when storms move in.

That's what makes this week's product that much more enticing.  It's a radio that claims it will work as you head to shelter - even if you're out of batteries and the electricity goes off.

It's the Vector Storm Tracker - $50 from Home Depot.  What powers it?  We asked that question to the guys who usually live in your radio, Dan Tooker in the Morning and his crew.

They find out it doesn't take long to figure the device out, the radio is supposed to charge when you crank it up.

Dan Tooker says, "That's sweet, instantaneous...amazing!"

The crank will power the radio and a set of LED lights on the back of the device.   Tooker and his crew discover - that light is more than enough for most situations.  The device also has a TV and a traditional flashlight which are powered by batteries or plug-in power. The crew even jokes about how much the device does. 

They tell us the radio would come in very handy and should be in your safety kit. Tooker says it's durable...even "broke-proof."

So, Does it Work?

Tooker's response...."Of all the silly stuff we've tested for all of you out there this is the best product we've ever done."

We found cranking the radio for two minutes will get you about 13 minutes of radio time.